July Birthstone - Ruby

7/22/2019 4:07 PM

Ruby - July's birthstone - It happens to be my birthday too...
I'm very happy to write about Ruby! I simply love this wonderful pink stone,
especially when it's blended with turquoise, pearl or pink, green or orange.
Actually I love it with everything!!!!

The stone of July - called ruby - one of the stones of the priest's breastplate is attributed to the tribe of Reuve.
The ruby is sourced from a mineral called corundum and chrome gives it the juicy pink color.
Ruby was always considered to be the symbol of fertility which was good for absorption and pregnancy.

Ruby Jewelry

The Hindus believed that the ones that will offer Krishna redness will be reborn as a caesar.

There is a belief that ruby defends and preserves and causes her owners to be invincible - it was set in the weapons and outfit of kings and generals.
In India they believe that ruby makes it possible to live in peace with enemies.

An energizing, motivating gemstone it is a powerful force that is designed to realize practical goals in life.
Balances the heart and develops leadership and strengthening self-confidence.

July Ruby

Because the red color is good for heart problems and circulation - it strengthens the heart meridian.
It's considered a stone that makes its owners happy - helps to settle disputes and negative thoughts.
A powerful stone provides a strong and invigorating energy - helping to release blockages
Strengthens abundance and good for maintaining parity and economic stability.

I wish all my sisters joy and light and full of the goodness with your very own Ruby.

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