June Birthstones - Pearl & Moonstone

6/1/2019 4:21 PM

We've reached June's birthstones - Pearl and Moonstone.
Two magical stones that will probably have a full story to tell

Pearl - 
The pearl is created in the oyster when a foreign body penetrates it and it grows layers of pearly material around it.
In the past, they were rare-pulled out from the sea with intricate and dangerous clarity and of course they were favored by nobility and kings.
Today the pearls are raised in oysters in fresh or salty water, in a delicate process that does not harm the shell of the oyster.
The beginning of the increase in aquaculture was in China in the 12th century.
Healing properties:
Truthfulness, sincerity, peace, clearing all the negative - like immersion in the spring.
Strengthens the soul and pearl powder heals wounds ...

Moonstone my love -
Moonstone is connected to feminine energy, the energy of the Divine Presence and the stars.
In India it is considered a sacred stone.
Healing properties:
Symbolize femininity, birth, and cyclicality. 
Provides relaxation and balance of extreme emotional reactions. Strengthens romance and relationships, strengthens the senses and intuition when mounted in the moonlight.
Balances the hormonal system of menopause in pregnancy and menstruation.
In different cultures, it was customary to grant it as an amulet at a wedding.
Hugs full of pearls & moonstone to you, 'till next month's birthstone 

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