Especially for Men

4/26/2019 5:23 AM

I thought of the men. Those who come to the studio to buy their special someone gifts.

Sometimes they know, sometimes they are embarrassed and sometimes they simply ask me to choose because in any case she will come to replace it ...

So I decided to make a collection for them as well. Men's Jewelry.  Manly jewelry.

Because they want to adorn themselves or wear something with meaning as well, something that will remind them where they came from and where they are going to.

A collection is beginning to be born.

I'd love to hear what will benefit the men in your life.

Icons, shapes, meaning and feeling.

Anything goes.

Starting to roam in a new field.

Everything is always interesting & exciting here! 

And thanks to Meir Azoulay who took a picture of

my private special someone and me ❥❥


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