Garnet Labradorite Victoria Earrings


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An especially unique design, these handmade Victoria earrings are set with beautifully rich and striking garnet at the center in a square shape. Around the center stone features hand woven labradorite stones and gold filled beads.

These earrings have a one of a kind artistic touch and unique color combination - you'll definitely stand out in these!
A perfect gift for you or for your loved one. They would also add a one of a kind finishing touch to a bridal look.

The hook is made of gold filled.
The earring's hook can be made with sterling silver or solid gold incase of allergy issues.
Please choose the metal you'd like at checkout.

Center stone size: 6mm/6mm
Total length including the hook: approx. 2cm
Total width: approx. 1.4cm

Center: garnet
Other stones: labradorite
Beads: gold filled
Bezel set: copper
Hook: gold filled

Natural labradorite gemstone has lines and cleavage lines, and its fascinating color varies from grey and blue shades to green shades.