Moonstone Inspirational Happiness Necklace


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This beautiful Kabbalah necklace has a strong spiritual meaning. The pendant features 1 inch 925 silver oval disk, with garnet in the middle, encircled by garnets and gold filled wire.
Hand stamped Hebrew spiritual sentence "Happiness from happiness that will come"
This unique handmade pendant hangs from a delicate 14 gold filled chain.

Jewel's intention:
The words are written in Hebrew and in loosen translate the meaning is:
You should accept whatever is happening in the present, especially in cases of difficulties, with joy and happiness, and remember that things always have their reason.

Because of that deep understanding you are accepting your present with happiness and peace.

Since I use natural gemstones, each jewel is unique and therefore there are subtle differences in color and form. Natural Moonstone gemstone has lines and cleavage lines.

The Moonstone has a soft milky-white color, which vibrates delicate feminine energies.
When you look at this magical stone from different angles, you will see different hues and colors ranging from various shades of blue to an array of rainbow