Pearl Moonstone Eye Necklace


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This unique and gleaming gemstone necklace is made of white freshwater pearls and moonstone set with a silver pendant and a gorgeous handmade, gold filled leaf dangles gently below. Hand wire wrapped, gold filled encircled gently the necklace and connects between the pearls and the moonstone pendant.  

This pearls and moonstone necklace is alive with vibrancy, as you will be when you wear it.

Since I use natural gemstone, each jewel is unique and has its special, magical touch. Therefore, please expect subtle differences in color and form.

Just by looking at the moonstone, you can see it has "inclusions" or "cracks" and other features within the stone, which makes it even more unique and one off.

The moonstone has a soft milky-white color, which vibrates delicate feminine energies.
When you look at this magical stone from different angles, you will see different hues and colors ranging from various shades of blue to an array of rainbow.