Silver Moonstone Opal Signet Ring


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A unique antique style hand crafted ring! A rainbow moonstone and opal ring that will make you feel like a real queen. This unique signet features a sterling silver band and a round setting of a fascinating rainbow moonstone gemstone, and four small lab opal stones surrounding the center.

Moonstone signet ring is adjustable to any size, it has a small opening so you can adjust it to fit your finger.

Center stone - 10 mm / 14mm
Small stones: 3mm

Just by looking at the moonstone, you can see it has "inclusions" or "cracks" and other features within the stone, which makes it even more unique and one off.

The moonstone has a soft milky-white color, which vibrates delicate feminine energies.
When you look at this magical stone from different angles, you will see different hues and colors ranging from various shades of blue to an array of rainbow.
Since I use natural gemstones, each jewel is unique and therefore there are subtle different in color and form.