Silver Triple Moonstone Stacking Ring


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** The Moonstone is out of stock at the moment ** Other gems are available at the drop down menu **

This lovely, feminine, stacking silver wedding band features three moonstone gemstones set in 14K gold bezel (more gemstones available - choose which gemstone you'd like from the drop down menu).

This ring is perfect as a stacking ring or great worn as a wedding band. 
An organic yet modern engagement and wedding ring!

Stone size: 3mm
Band width: 3mm

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Stone: cabochon moonstone (as pictured, please refer to the last picture for more gemstone options).
Metal: sterling silver, 22K solid gold
Bezel set: 14K solid gold

Available gemstones (the numbers in the photo refers to the gemstone listed below) -
1. Moonstone 
2. Amethyst
3. Labradorite
4. Garnet
5. White lab opal
6. Onyx
7. Peridot 
8. Blue lab opal
9. Yellow tourmaline 
10. Carnelian 
11. Green onyx
12. Turquoise 

Just by looking at the moonstone, you can see it has "inclusions" or "cracks" and other features within the stone, which makes it even more unique and one off.

The moonstone has a soft milky-white color, which vibrates delicate feminine energies.
When you look at this magical stone from different angles, you will see different hues and colors ranging from various shades of blue to an array of rainbow.